The original GPW Passenger Fender

The original GPW Passenger FenderFender Work Begins, Jeep History, and more!

Now that the holidays have passed, I have been able to get a start on my next big project which is repairing the original passenger fender! This is part one of what will be several parts during the repair and install. I also found some new history on my Jeep! Plus I started a new side project!

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Reproduction Jeep Push Pull Light Switch Tag

Reproduction Jeep Push Pull Light Switch TagSmall Projects and Extras

With things at a bit of a standstill as I figure out my next move with the strange rear axle noise, I didn’t do much this week. However, there are several side projects I’ve done the last few months that I’ve yet to cover with the Jeep, so I decided to compile them into this week’s update including a F stamped keychain, wartime Fire Extinguisher and modern Extinguisher, Push-Pull switch tags, and more!

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